I grew up in Douglas County, learning the values of kindness, frugality, persistence and the importance of hard work. Following the advice of my parents, who had limited education, I studied at the Universities of Minnesota and Utah. My life has been spent serving others—as a wife, mother and daughter of an aging mother—as well as various volunteer and paid positions with public and nonprofit organizations.


Although my first marriage ended due to domestic violence, my second has been filled with love and stability. When our first child was born with severe brain damage, Jay and I were devastated. Jason depended on others for every activity of daily life, and he lived at home until his death at the age of 35. Our "different" family found that we needed to learn to work as a team, with professionals and with each other. What we learned is still being used to encourage other families of children with disabilities or special needs.


         Keep your eyes on the future. . . NOT on your circumstances.

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My life experiences have fueled my passion and commitment to serve others, making certain that tax-payer dollars are used wisely to invest in our future and protect our most vulnerable Minnesotans.

Windmill Project, Executive Director, 501(c)3
Utah Parent Center, Consultant and Project Coordinator
LDS Hospital and Intermountain Health Care, Inc., Professional Nurse Recruiter
Salt Lake Community Mental Health Center, Public Information Officer

*Stay-at-Home Mom for 17 years
United Way volunteer
Inclusion Network, Administration Team
Alexandria Housing and Redevelopment Agency Commissioner
Discipleship team                                                                                                                                                       City of Alexandria: Cable TV Commission and Stormwater Committee

Diploma, Jefferson Senior High, Alexandria, Minnesota
Diploma, Lutheran Bible Institute, Los Angeles, CA
B.A. in Speech Communications, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
M.S. in Behavioral Communications, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Personal and Professional Development
Minnesota Age and Disabilities Odyssey
Board Leadership Academy, West Central Initiative
Partners in Policy Making, MN Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities
Essentials of Nonprofit Management course
Family Links Parent of the Year 2000
Regional and State Family Councils for People with Disabilities
Utah State Rehabilitation Council
National Training for Transition and Rehabilitation

Hobbies & Interests
Singing (choirs and small groups) & dramatic skits
Exercising to stay fit
College sports (spectator)
Travel—road trips, cruises, camping
Enjoying the outdoors—hiking, bike riding
Public service

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