Radio Ads Begin October 15 - Transcripts:

Hi, I’m GAIL KULP. As I’ve talked with many of you in the community or at your door, we agree changes are needed in St. Paul. That’s why I’m running for the Minnesota House. By working hard together we will discover common ground, and find solutions –  like making health care and prescriptions more affordable to benefit Us – the PEOPLE. Learn more at my website –      Paid for by People for Gail Kulp.


Let me tell you about GAIL KULP who’s running for the Minnesota House. Gail will make sure children in rural Minnesota have equal opportunities to learn. GAIL KULP will fight to expand high quality early childhood programs and scholarships for low income children. By being ready for kindergarten more children will have brighter futures. Vote for GAIL KULP – working for our schools to equip students for success.   Paid for by People for Gail Kulp.  [Dan Skogen]

Seniors need a state representative they can trust. GAIL KULP can be trusted to work hard for them. She is a good listener who cares about issues that matter to seniors. GAIL KULP will work to lower the cost of prescription drugs. She will work to reduce property taxes. And she will work for safe and affordable housing options so seniors can age with dignity. Vote for GAIL KULP. She will work hard for seniors.  Paid for by People for Gail Kulp.      [Dan Skogen]


This is Congressman Collin Peterson. Voters are fed up with the gridlock in Washington and in St. Paul.  In district 8B we need a representative who can get past all the partisan bickering and get things done. I’ve gotten to know Gail Kulp. I know she’ll work to restore some sanity in St. Paul and get the legislature back to what it used to be. Neither party has all the right answers.  If we’re serious about solving problems, we need to elect people like Gail Kulp, who will listen to both sides, do what’s right for the district and move Minnesota forward.  Paid for by People for Gail Kulp