Energized for 2018 As a candidate for District 8B in 2016, I met great people from one end of the district to the other. I continue to be THANKFUL for the support and encouragement offered by so many! While it truly was an honor running to represent you in St. Paul, it wasn't enough. You and I have no voice and no representation in St. Paul! 

Know this -- my desire to represent ALL the people of 8B was not defeated. That's why I am taking steps to reactivate the campaign and  my "kitchen cabinet." As a citizen legislator I promise to represent everyone in the district by listening to their concerns and ideas.

Where is District 8B? 

  • Most of Alexandria, Carlos, Miltona, Nelson, Osakis and
  • 7 townships in eastern Douglas County
  • Bluffton, Clitherall, Deer Creek, Henning, New York Mills, Ottertail, Parkers Prairie, Richville, Urbank, Vining and
  • 26 townships in eastern Otter Tail County. [click for map

Elect a Citizen Legislator, not a Career Politician.

Kulp believes YOU deserve a representative who is committed to serving the people she represents by listening to various points of  view with respect and concern. It's way past time to say goodbye to partisan politics that block progress. Elect someone who believes in a  Minnesota that is better for everyone!

A citizen legislator works effectively with others by being respectful, honest and fair. Holding office is a sacred trust to work for the common good, while protecting those who have been kicked to the shadows, forgotten and left behind.


  • Understands that all the people of 8B deserve to be represented.
  • Listens to others' concerns with genuine interest and respect.
  • Knows what it's like to live on a lower middle class income.
  • Makes decisions by balancing heartfelt needs with reasonable solutions.
  • Uses government resources wisely–knowing they are investments in our future.
  • Believes it is everyone's job to protect and improve the quality of life in Minnesota.


Think your vote doesn’t matter?

The 2012 election for House District 8B was so close it went to a recount. Only 11 votes decided the winner!



The 2018 election will belong to those who show up!


To register, learn about Early Absentee Voting or find your polling place:  (click for more info)